KI Science Fiction Project: Dream Machine


Was wäre, wenn Künstliche Intelligenz die Grenzen des Möglichen erweitert? Diese faszinierende Frage hat die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 10d dazu inspiriert, im Englischunterricht das Projekt „Creating the Future: Building AI-Powered Products for a Brighter Future“ umzusetzen. Begleitet uns auf einer Reise in eine Zukunft voller Innovationen, in der die KI unsere Welt zum Besseren verändert.

„Hello there! Are you tired of waking up from a dream and feeling disappointed that it wasn’t
what you wanted? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Our new product is designed to
help you dream exactly what you want, every single night. Imagine being able to control your
dreams and experience anything you desire. With our product, you can make that a reality.
Say goodbye to boring dreams and hello to a world of endless possibilities. Let’s explore more
about this exciting product.

The Dream Machine is a small device in the form of a smartwatch. It tracks what you
dreamed about, whether it was a good or bad dream. Our watch analyzes your dreams, and an
AI program will visualize them for you. It can also be used to choose what you’d like to
dream of. The watch is connected to your brain through several scanners and gives impulses
to dream of whatever you like.

The Dream Machine can help people who suffer from bad and short sleep. Our watch
improves the quality of their dreams while they sleep, without affecting their sleep or making
it more difficult to fall asleep. Through this, our patients achieve better and longer sleep,
making them ready for their day. Moreover, the Dream Machine can be used by everyone –
parents, seniors, or even children can use our product for better sleep!
The Dream Machine is one of its kind and cannot be found in any other form on the market.
Because of this, the watch is currently quite expensive as it’s still in development. But we are
working on it so that everyone can afford it in the future – that’s what we stand for!
Click on the following link to order your Dream Machine and make your dream come true!“