A Day In the Life: Podcasts der 8d zum Global Beatles Day


On the occasion of this year’s Global Beatles Day (June 25th), 8th grade English students recorded their own podcasts in small groups. Each group was asked to include three sections in their podcasts: one dealing with a free topic of their choice, one touching base on The Beatles’ relevance today and one with their top 5 Beatles’ songs. Enjoy this magical mystery tour 😉
Teacher in charge: Mr. Robles Melgarejo

© Foto: Eventpress/Sascha Radke for Hubert Burda Media, 2016 (Ausschnitt)

Spill the tea (by Ella, Pia, Lukas & Muna)

On this episode of Spill the tea Pia, Ella, Muna and Lukas talk about the heartbreaking break-up of Germany’s most famous couple: Bibi and Julian. In addition to that the crew give us their insights on why The Beatles are so relevant today and which are their top 5 Beatles songs.

Foto: Michael Aleo

Killsomepromi (by Ela, Kati, Laeti & Max)

On this episode of Killsomepromi Ela, Kati, Laeti and Max dive into the circumstances surrounding the infamous murder of John Lennon in the Big Apple. They also share with us their opinion on The Beatles’ transcendent relevance. As a treat the group give us their top 5 Beatles songs.

Promis in town (by Edgar, Olivia, Clara & Evan)

On this very special edition of Promis in town, Edgar and Evan receive as featured guests none other than the unofficial yet impressively outspoken daughters of John Lennon: Olivia and Clara. The interview touches base on their glamorous lives, their opinion on the Liverpool band and their favorite Beatles songs. Beatles purists, please bear with us ;).

Foto: Neil Soni

Have you heard the news? (by Shohan, Janne, Emma & Anton)

On this episode of Have you heard the news? Emma, Janne, Shohan and Anton will be talking about the most watched, controversial and best marketed Hollywood trial of the year. The crew will be also sharing with us their opinion on The Beatles’ relevance today and their top 5 Beatles songs.

Foto: pxhere

The Ali podcast (by Parves, Eline, Donna & Sina)

On this episode of The Ali Podcast, Eline gives us her opinion on the beauty standards held and reproduced by the popular TV show Germany’s Next Top Model (GNTM). After that Parves gives us his thoughts on the importance of body positivity and being true to yourself all the time. Sina takes a closer look at The Beatles’ social activism and their relevance today. Donna puts the cherry on top with a Beatles top 5 curated by the whole crew.

Foto: Mateo

Listen to go (by Rayan, Mathilda, Aaron & Max)

On this episode of Listen to go Mathilda and Rayan interview two renowned personalities from the tech world: professional Berlin-based videogame streamer Max and New York-based event host Tobias. They both tell Mathilda and Rayan a little bit about their jobs and share with them their opinion on The Beatles’ relevance today. As a treat, Mathilda and Rayan give us a Beatles Top 5 ranking specially curated by their audience.

Foto: Fleur

Kojote (by Emilio, Salima & Kosti)

On this episode of Kojote, Emilio takes us on a time journey all the way back to the surreal semifinals of the 2014 Soccer World Cup (you know, the one which the 1-7 score). On the second part, Kosti tells us about The Beatles’ relationship with soccer and their relevance as artists today. Finally, Salima gives us the crew’s top 5 Beatles songs.

Oberste Beitragsbild: Nick Fewings bei Unsplash